VI 200-O

VI 200-O

VI 200-O



  • It supports soft addressing and is rewritable via coder in situ
  • Within a single-chip microprocesser, it can process the sampling data in real-time, save the latest 144 historical data and realize a curve tracing for the field situation.
  • It supports temperature, humidity and dust accumulation drift compensation and sensor fault inspection (fault reporting to fire alarm control panel)
  • Non-polarity, two-wire bus connection that ensures convenient installation and maintenance
  • Designed with an upper cover and a lower cover and installed on a detector base, it can be installed, commissioned and maintained conveniently
  • Built-in remote indicator output terminal, the output signal drives remote indicator light when fire alarm


Operating voltage 24 V
Standby current <300 uA
Alarm current <1.5mA
Weight 128 g
Dimension 100x58 mm
Operating environment -10°C ~ +55°C
Humidity ≤95%

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